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Most impressive was the way she handled the self-admitted ADD sufferer in the front row—the rest of us were getting way more annoyed than she let on, until about the twentieth comment/question prompted her to snap (just a little), but she immediately recovered with a sweet smile and quip. I guess this is nothing compared with competing on Next Iron Chef; or actually being an Iron Chef—which she joked earns her accolades over the exact same dishes she made before earning the coveted title.A band of chefs hustled to prepare the four selections from place the meatballs in the sauce,” while cheekily dumping them in. I was amazed at her ability to multi-task: preparing all four dishes below, while answering questions sharing lovely anecdotes of her experiences as an only child in a foodie family, and being mom to an almost-six-year-old daughter—who chooses to watch Ina Garten over Mom. Clams are not usually my first shellfish choice, but these were very tasty—with butter, breadcrumbs, and bacon, how could they not be?Click here for Orna’s Crunchies Recipe was released on April 9, 2013.Available on for .85 The book reads like an auto-biography and the wonderful pictures, anecdotes, and ‘old-school tips’ make you feel like she’s right next to you, and inspire you to want to make all of them! Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Caramel Top (she made it look so easy—I’ll let you know how it goes.) My mouth is watering right now as I am typing!If you follow her suggestions, you’ll have a life-changing experience.She’s the first food guru whose ideas make any sense to me, and they work.

This couldn’t have come at a better time because Sam’s birthday is coming up, and to my dismay, he requested his favorite chocolate cake: Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cake with Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting. The cake was moist and delicious, and the decadent chocolate frosting was oh-so-creamy and smooth—in perfect contrast with the crunchy caramel and surprise burst of salt. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t think of asking her what I could substitute for the Corn Syrup (which she uses to stabilize the Caramel), since he’s borderline allergic. She also reads Cook’s Illustrated) that the thing home cooks struggle with most is making caramel. She never uses Peanut Oil because of people with food allergies.

She has a cute, devilish smile and wicked sense of humor, and wasn’t phased by anything; not even the sometimes spotty camera work of LCG’s owner, Phyllis Vaccarelli—chasing the camera with the food very playfully.

She’s clearly used to being surrounded by big fancy cameras; requesting that we not take pics or record the demo, because she can’t resist playing to the camera.

I can follow them in the house, at work, or in social situations without anyone noticing.

If I eat, feel and look better, what else can I do better?

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