I bund og grund er Webcam Max et simpelt og ikke krævende program at have.Det er let underholdning, og det er yderst brugervenligt at benytte.The Webcam Max program offers a sizable library of effects you can use to have fun on your webcam, from simple overlaid images and picture-in-picture functionality to more complicated distortion effects.The software intercepts your webcam's video feed, applies the effects you choose and then generates a new video feed which you can use in most video chat programs, including Skype -- as long as you set everything up correctly.

You will always have to start it manually, and you won't be able to make video calls until you do unless you switch the Skype webcam settings back to the normal webcam.We strongly recommend Webcam Max to all users who want to have a little fun with their webcam. Webcam Max gør din livechat en smule sjovere, og det er tilmeld gratis at prøve.If you're just having fun with your friends, the software is harmless.You may also occasionally use Skype to chat with distant family or with people you have a more professional relationship with, though.

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