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If so, you might have to make Te Xnic Center manually reload the file after recompilation (e.g.

Today I have just downloaded Basic Mi KTe X 2.9 and Te Xnic Center 2.0 Beta (latest version from the website). They could be related to: 1) As @Sigur suggested, this could be due to bad configuration.

The stored information is: Some features are only available if a project is opened.

Examples of these are Structure View (the navigator bar on the left side of the main window) and the automatic invocation of Bib Te X and Make Index Using projects is very simple.

Entries in the document table-of-contents become active links.

In addition, all references to figure, table and section numbers become active links. The illustration shows results using the Hyper Ref defaults.

There are many (perhaps too many) options to customize documents.

Te Xnic Center provides a project management tool that helps to keep the files of one document together and to generate output for a document.

Of course, it is dependent on where the file is located in your computer.

To add PDF bookmarks to an existing document, simply add one line to the header to invoke the Hyper Ref package: button three times to generate link files and update references.

As shown in the figure, the existing chapter, section and subsection headings are used to build a document structure tree in the bookmark area (left).

The path has to be specified relatively to the directory, the project file is placed in.

I just installed the latest version of Sumatra, Te Xnic Center (2.0 alpha 4) and Mik Te X (2.9).

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But my Te Xnic Center is not compiling and producing any output in PDF. 1.1) I once saw this behavior when the Te Xnic Center distribution was saved in "Programas" (in spanish) instead of "Program files".

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