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So, I guess it's not surprising that I have always encouraged the women in my life to walk around sans bra.

I love watching other men stare at my wife's 34B natural tits as they jiggle when she walks.

Naughty Nurse : squeal like Ned Beatty in Deliverance if you want, no one will believe you Fireman Sam : They believed me when I squealed on Cyber Girl4U.

Naughty Nurse : cybergirl hates your fag ass, no one believed that ****Fireman Sam : They did. Naughty Nurse : it's really hot, let me just pop these melons out for some cool air Fireman Sam : I bet they're smelly..of like toasted cheese?

I encouraged their exhibitionism, and they admitted they enjoyed the attention.

I was a little jealous that other guys could see their tits, but that twinge of jealousy was overshadowed by the excitement I felt when my girlfriends teased the guys.

The same was true with past girlfriends who willingly went braless, teasing the boys and men who were fortunate enough to be the target of their inner slut behavior.

I will admit I had never heard the term "cuckold" before I went off to college.

I liked it when my girlfriends in high school went braless, and I could see their nipples poking thorough their tops.

If you genuinely thought by communicating with them telling them to stop would make them desist, your an absolute idiot.

Go to any chat room and you will see idiots asking other people for cyber sex. Thats why when i saw this, i thought it was genuinely some idiot not realising they were initiating and encouraging conversation.

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