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There was that awkward silence between us again as the conversation dried up. I felt like I was talking to my teachers back in high school where you were always unsure of what to say. But they didn't."Well, that's very strange," said Angie, who looked amazing in her black blouse and black slacks with flat heels, "We all thought you'd have the girls falling all over you."Huh? The woman could read minds and, right now, mine was probably like an open book. I made a face and reached up to fiddle with my right ear. She gave Angie to her right a look, then turned to Sharon who nodded silently as if they had just shared some secret between them. We both were no longer virgins but, well, it kind of got real complicated real fast and that, unfortunately, was that."I'm not sure I should say anything," I replied lamely. Maybe it was the beer that loosened my tongue, but I started to talk and try to explain all about those things. Linda, that was her name, she was my first proper girlfriend and when we finally decided we wanted to sleep together," I frowned at the memory, "We tried to do it but things didn't go as planned. But then she asked me to stop and I did."That sounded really sad. We're more than just friends," she explained as she took both of her friend's hands in hers, "We're lovers too."Uh. She looked at Angie who was still happily slurping and sucking away like a baby at a tit. The twitch made me step forward and shove my spurting cock right to the back of Angie's mouth and nearly down into her throat.

But they all seemed so nice and eager to help me settle into my new place. " said Angie quickly, glancing at her two friends, "That's really sweet of you, Ben. I held her gaze for a second as Angie and Ruth glanced at each other with a knowing look. I was suddenly starting to feel way out of my depth here. "Uh," I tried to say with some difficulty, "I'm not sure I understand."It was Sharon's turn to sit forward. Sharon tilted her head to one side and looked at me. We're all adults here and it's not like any of us are going to tell anyone else about what we talk and do between us."She really emphasized the "and do" bit. "Angie," she ordered, "You take the first shot, okay? Her eyes were like saucers as the first volley erupted from my throbbing penis and quickly filled her mouth with its thick syrupy goo.

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