Internet dating ruined my life

Whatever, sorry folks I was too busy living in the moment of the SUMMER OF ALF and getting drunk at the Wild Cat and fornicating with loose women. Nothing says good times like waking up in the morning next to a person you have no idea ever meeting or how she got to be in your home, let alone why she is naked next to you.Ahhh single living,thank you Ades for all you have done for me. : Die Antwoord is this ridiculous house music group from South Africa.With the end of this summer also concludes the SUMMER OF ALF!!!I know it feels like it only just began and now it is over :(. You will just have to wait for my Summer of Alf index report blog to find out, although if you read the surf log you might have been able to speculate the answer to that one.Posted in Dating, Music, Surfing, User Choice BLog, tagged Ayn Rand, Backside Tube Riding, Granny Panties, Howard Roark, South Australia, The Fountain Head, The Summer of Alf is over :(.Black Cat sitting on a computer, Tighty Whities on September 22, 2012| 7 Comments » Today marks the official end of summer on the modern Calendar and if those Mayan dudes are correct we are just a few months till the end of the world and thank fucking god cause I don’t really have a back up plan for 2013 if the world does not end.If not check back at June, July, August and September and you can make your own assumption. The 21st of September does not just end the summer of 2012 or THE SUMMER OF ALF, but also the summer quarter of the UCB.Then read “Of Things to Come” and really see how well I did accomplishing some of those summer goals and if your completely lost on what the Summer of Alf is read “I declare this the Summer of Alf” blog. I know what your thinking, what quarter you only wrote like 2 UCB’s.

What if I just end up having some weirdo old man send me a picture of his figs?

I have messed around with the Craigslist personals. You want adventure start answering some of those adds.

Unlike and those other accepted, safe dating sites craigslist is dangerous and you never know who or what you are going to meet.

Anyone who is willing to put themselves on that forum is got guts and worthy of my time. If you think internet dating is bad this is far worse. Then we are all thrown into the coral together with alcohol.

Believe me I have been on some interesting craigslist dates to say the least. On the whole it is a collection of busted ass people thrown together in a somewhat hostile setting. It is sort of like the bar but with bright lighting.

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