Sadly, this meant doing something that would inevitably cause irreparable damage to her relationship with Young, as Liz calculatedly called Don up when she knew Young would be otherwise occupied and had him pick her up, ostensibly from a date-gone-bad, and then come up to “her” apartment, where she proceeded to drug Don, strip him naked and get him into bed, even going so far as to rub lotion on his private parts so he’d think something had happened.

Unfortunately, it also ended up bringing out the worst in Liz as well, as her commitment to the cause, as ever, trumped everything else in her life.

After all, I was dead wrong about Tatiana working against Martha in a previous episode- I think.

I mean, as far as we know, Martha’s fine, but is she really?

As I predicted, Don does indeed work at the same lab as Will, only he has the much-alluded to and elusive Level 4 clearance that Will does not.

After having successfully insinuated herself into the lives of Young and Don to the point that she was able to look after their kids while they went on a short weekend vacation- all the better for Liz to go through their stuff and look for something incriminating, though all she ended up finding was a hidden porno- it was time to take things to the next level.

Search for Hiddenporno:


Apologizing profusely, he took off and that was that, as he left a shattered and lonely Liz alone with her thoughts of the horrible thing she’d just done and the sure-to-be-worse consequences of it.

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