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“We also make small savings in case our local stocks are depleted so we can continue to provide nutritious meals to young children.” Although Philomena and other grandmothers are not paid to do what they do, they pride themselves in taking care of their community.

I get to chat with the two smooth criminals guilty of adapting this Michael Jackson hit for cello about a year ago, uploading it onto youtube.“The recipes we suggest to mothers are simple, but the porridge made with Moringa leaves and corn flour is a favourite of children.” Moringa trees grow in abundance across Benin.Moringa leaves are rich in nutrients, carrying 4-times the amount of calcium found in milk, and packed with vitamin A, iron and protein.Meet the happy, handsome cello players from Pula and Maribor, most famous for playing a stand-off, stunning version of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, touring with Elton John and making it to the US pounding on the radio.It's got an unusual twist: it’s played by cellos only.

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Since the start of the project, the health of 700 children has dramatically improved.

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