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It’s a very common experience of [having someone say], “I don’t get what you’re talking about. It’s really what happens when you meet somebody’s parent. She keeps putting herself in situations that she knows are going to be triggering and bad for her, simply because she wants to go along with things.I’ll fall over backwards trying to have the parent like me. Like the episode where she gets Gus and Bertie to do mushrooms.: I feel like Mickey is thinking she still can do everything on her own terms.As young adults begin exploring what it means to become independent from their parents and caregivers, there is a natural desire to take charge.However, since they lack experience and maturity, the stakes are very high if those choices are not good ones.They are trying to make it work, which doesn’t mean that they still aren’t their own worst enemies. : The thing that I like about Judd’s work is that usually there are no bad guys.A lot of time, it’s just people getting in the way of themselves. It is something that’s born out of therapy, in which you go, “Oh, right. I can’t blame anybody else.” So definitely, we try to put that in the writing. This season, we meet Mickey’s dad and that’s a hard episode for her, especially because Gus doesn’t understand their relationship.

Either way, decisions can lead to risky choices that can impact the rest of their lives.Studies show that these kinds of enrichment can alead to even better school outcomes as well.We are always seeking mentors who are willing to listen, love and encourage our students, as together they discover and pursue their God-given strengths and talents.You get to see them getting along and enjoying each other’s company and then also just terrible things happen.Do you worry that people might not relate to these characters?

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