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It was not superseded by straw; it was sometimes used in combination with it, but when straw was used extensively in a piece of furniture it was generally because it was cheap furniture.

There are other natural fibers that were also used.

Sturdy and practical wools appear in vintage sofas of the early 20th century, along with richer velvets and leather upholstery.

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We restored this antique armchair using traditional methods.

The first stuffing of coir fiber is wrapped in burlap and hand-stitched in the same pattern as the original pad.

[ edited by fenix03 on Apr 21, 2006 AM ] Volkswagon used it in their car seats for a long time as well as cars in the thirtys. BUT the family was very practical, and they hadn't brought up any outdoor seating, so the old Dodge backseat was very handy. I had no idea that horse hair was used in cars and I never would have guessed that it was still being used in the 30's. They also discovered that she has a heart murmur so they went with a lesser surgery.

This hand-stitched edge technique results in a more beautiful and durable piece of furniture.Vintage sofas dating to the 20th century are typically more heavily upholstered and do not have visible wooden elements, outside of legs. If you plan to reupholster your antique couch, settee or chaise, this may be less of an issue; however, original fabric is quite desirable on an antique sofa.Velvet or tapestry fabrics are common on Victorian sofas.Learning how to identify and date an antique sofa can help you find the perfect piece for your period home or simply a personal and unusual touch for a modern room.Antique and vintage sofas share many of the same characteristics as other upholstered pieces, but fewer sofas have survived than side chairs and less-used pieces.

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We recreated the chair's shape and feel for a new generation. On the left side, a leather top is hand-stitched directly to the frame, while the ottoman on the right shows a traditionally upholstered pad topped with vegetable-tanned leather.

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