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Ramos and Castellano’s initial concept was to show how simple and easy it is to live the island life, perched on the side of one of the mountains ringing the port.There’s a lovely view over the city to the Atlantic Ocean beyond, and the music scene has in recent years become as renowned as the stunning landscape.Her dark tresses were swept into a chic low knot, while her face modelled a typically glamorous make-up look.Bianca Gascoigne looked absolutely gorgeous in the recent snap she posted on Instagram, while enjoying a visit to the Bikini Beach Club in Cape Verde.They also have a flair for merging contemporary architecture with the natural landscape.Reuse is essential to the innovative design of Terra Lodge, their hotel for another transplant, this time a Frenchman.Now refurbished and washed in a vibrant green, the mansion houses his travel agency, Nobai.The plot behind the mansion was just big enough, with some creativity, to add a hotel, and that was the springboard for Terra Lodge.

Ramos and Castellano have become known for hotel design notable for its colorful forms and elegant lines in addition to its pragmatism.

Showing her appreciation for Demi, she captioned the Instagram shot: 'How freakin hot is this one thou?

Hotel designers often suffer from the mixed blessing of abundance.

“Every solution is carefully studied to use local resources as well as African artisans and technology, with a global vision,” Ramos explains.

The most adept moves fuse handcrafted and upcycled elements, at varied scales, to harmonize visually with the indigenous palette and textures—thereby supporting the architects’ mission to buy and think local.

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