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It's good feeding weather so all chicks are continuing to grow well.

4 July, 2017: Camera 1 : 3 July - Top row left hand box have one chick that is now a week old.

Camera 3 : 31 May : This pair are still incubating 3 eggs and will continue for another 10 days. Camera 4 : 31 May : This pair are still incubating 2 eggs and will for another week. 24 May, 2017: Lots of activity at the GMIT boxes this morning, 24 May.

The partner of the bird in the top left box of the multiscreen returned during the night which is a great relief. *** Will hold Swift Watch at GMIT in mid-June, exact date to be decided - watch this space *** 16 May, 2017: The first eggs have been laid!

Four other pairs are incubating eggs with hatching in a couple of weeks.

9 June, 2017: Life has settled down a little and all pairs are now incubating eggs of varying numbers.

Save our Swifts Project The Swift is a bird of conservation concern in Ireland due to loss of breeding sites.

31 July, 2017 : The chicks from Camera 3 (Box 1) have now fledged and those from Camera 2 (Box 11) and Camera 4 (Box 5) will also soon be fledging.The project is linked with environmental modules on GMIT's Culture & Environment and Outdoor Education courses, and demonstrates to students on construction courses how wildlife can be affected by building renovation work.2017 Live Streaming Swift updates from Lynda Huxley, GMIT Mayo Green Campus 14 August, 2017 (Last update for the season): We are delighted to report that all 9 chicks have successfully fledged. The parents of the chicks and the other pairs that didn’t rear any chicks (total 7 pairs) have returned to the nest boxes each night to protect their nest sites but in the day they’ve been off feeding to gather strength for their journey to Southern Africa.Camera 2 : 3 July - This pair were moved from middle row of Camera 1 yesterday.They have two chicks which are now a week old so will be interesting to watch the chicks grow over the next five weeks.

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These chicks will not return to the nest boxes nor will they be fed by the adults after fledging.

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