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The Court found that a person would have to look at a seperate document, the Acknowledgement of Rewritten Contract, to make that determination.

The Court also held that the dealer violated TILA by calculating the interest for a period that was six days prior to the time of the second contract.

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Larry Miles is the Managing Shareholder of The Miles Law Firm. Rated a “Preeminent Attorney” (“AV”) from Martindale-Hubbell, Larry has a special expertise in representing auto dealers, auto auctions, and lenders in the auto industry.

A pilot for 40 years, Larry has a significant practice in aviation law. Dealers and finance managers are often confused about how best to re-write a contract.

Are there any statutes or regulations that govern the issuance of certificates of insurance for commercial general liability policies?

Are there any statutes or regulations requiring an insurer or agent to complete such certificates with accurate information?

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The Court awarded plaintiff’s attorneys fees and costs of $401,358.

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