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While many of the differences between us are overblown, our varying life experiences and stages in life can strongly influence how we act and think when it comes to work.

Work Experience – When someone moves from a larger corporation to a startup, or vice versa, they often face some form of culture shock when they get there.

It’s important to be able to identify these problems early and find solutions that ensure everyone can communicate efficiently and feel comfortable doing so.Remember, a sign of a great manager is not one’s ability apply a single management style equally across a team; it’s ones ability to adapt to be the best kind of manager for each team member as an individual.As you demonstrate a willingness to learn about and accommodate cultural differences, most of your employees will respond positively.They stand farther apart from each other when speaking and often address one another using last names with honorifics.An example of how we see this formality effect business is with customer service.

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